Vertical Machining Centers

Machine Table Size: X Axis Travel: Y Axis Travel: Z Axis Travel:
VB53 1050(41.34") 530(20.87") 510(20.08")
VC51 850 (33.46") x 510 (20.07") 720mm (28.35") 510mm (20.08") 460mm (18.11")

VP Series

Machine Table Size: X Axis Travel: Y Axis Travel: Z Axis Travel:
VP400 600 (23.62") 410 (16.14") 460 (18.11")
VP5002APC 600 (23.62") 510 (20.08") 460 (18.11")
VP600 1120 (44.09") 610 (24.02") 460 (18.11")
VP9000 1120 (44.09") 920 (36.22") 560 (22.050")
VP1200 1600 (62.99") 1300 (51.18") 460 (18.11")
VP2200 3050 (120.08") 2200 (86.81") 460 (18.11")

Highly rigid structure
Superior rigidity and accuracy are achieved by making use of the solid box-shaped main body structure construction. Each axis utilizes high-load roller guides and double anchored ball screws.

Standard provision of 12000rpm spindle
Cutting performance is largely improved by the use of the high output motorized spindle (MS). Sindle acceleration of 1.5 seconds from 0 to 12000rpm is achieved. An optional 20000rpm high-speed 40 tapered spindle is also avaible

High-accuracy Processing
The high-load roller guides maximizes the fine motion feed characteristics and the circular accuracy. The double-anchored ball screws vastly reduce lost motion.

Stable processing accuracy is achieved with the core chilled ball screws, use of a coolant shelter and thermal displacement compensation of the spindle head. OKK's original HQ control further maximizes the stablity and processing accuracy.

Extensive tool storage capacity
In addition to the standard provision of 40-tool magazine, optionally available are 60-tool, 80-tool and 120-tool magazines.

VM Series

Machine Table Size: X Axis Travel: Y Axis Travel: Z Axis Travel:
VM43R 630mm (24.80") 430mm (16.93") 460mm (18.11")
VM53R 1050 (41.34") 530 (20.87") 510 (20.08")
VM76R 1550 (61.02") x 760 (29.92") 1540(60.63") 760(29.92") 660(25.98")
VM600 1300(51.18") 660(25.98") 660(25.98")
VM900 2060(81.10") 940(37.01") 820(32.28")

The VM series is packed with advanced know-how to improve your productivity.
The superb basic performance such as high cutting performance and precision, a welath of available options, and a delivery record of more then 9000 units make the VM series the easiest machining centers to operate .

Selectable spindle according to specific workpiece type
The heavy-duty gear spindle or the high-speed MS spindle can be selected in either No. 40 or No.50. From high-quality die processing to parts machining and mass production, the most appropriate spindle can be chosen to match your specific processing needs.

A wealth of options for enhanced functions
From hardware to the most advanced software, OKK offers various options to support their users. Optional specifications such as extra rigidity of sidways, 2APC system, automatic open/close door system, PC network compatibility, additional axis can create a machining center that best suits your production needs.

MCV Series

Machine Table Size: X Axis Travel: Y Axis Travel: Z Axis Travel:
MCV560DS 1050(43.33") 560(22.04") 560(22.04")
MCV1260 2140(84.25") 1260(49.61") 900(35.43")

High rigidity and speed
Intergration of triangular rib structures into the body ensures high regidity. Sliding surfaces are supported by highly rigid square guide structures. The motor power is increased to raise the rapid transverse and spindle speeds.

Extreme accuracy
Spindle oil jacket construction and oil cooler to diminish heat is standard equipment. Eachaxis is directly coupled to the feed motor in order to improve machining accuracy.

High productivity
The long nose spindle improves machining efficency and the bay style bed construction allows for easy access. The compact splash guard with other new design features prevents chips and coolant from scattering and improves the recovery rate, thus reducing enviromental problems.

High-speed synchronous ATC
Fully mechanical cam ATC produces stable, high-speed tool change with superior wear resistance. Heavy tools can be changed smoothly with the variable speed ATC function. Spindle taper #50 and max. tool weight of 20kg (44.09lb) is the highest in its class. Spindle tool clamp/unclamp and hight speed ATC are synchronized with a single motor method guaranteeing trouble free operation.

KCV Series

Machine Table Size: X Axis Travel: Y Axis Travel: Z Axis Travel:
KCV800 3050(120.07") 820+45(32.28+1.77") 720(28.34")
KCV1000 3500(137.79") 1020+45(40.15+1.77") 720(28.34")

High rigid machine structure produces higly accurate processing
Solid think walled structure of the bed and column provides high rigidity and stiffness. The table is fully supported without overhang allowing heavy workpiece and long life.

Comprehensive chip processing measures
With standard chip conveyors front and back of the table, for the KCV1000 has coil conveyors right and left of the column and Xand Y axis shutter flushing.

Operator friendly traversing column
Traversing column ensures easy access to fixtures enabling quick setup and work piece loading.

Thorough measure to control thermal displacement

Bearing heat is suppressed by usage of a spindle housing cooling mechanism; further the KCV1000 implements core chilled ball screws in the feed axis and utilizes a spindle coolant wall jacket design. These measures improve processing accuracy and stabilty.

High rigid high-speed feed systems
Accurate and higly rigid linear ball guides are used on the axis guide faces of KCV800 and linear roller guides on the same of KCV1000. For the feed screw supports of the KCV1000, a double anchoring method that ensures high feeding rigidity is adobped to realize high-speed response and powerful cutting performances.

High-speed ATC mechanism
The ATC unit of high-speed cam interlock method supports highly efficient processing: Tool exchange time of 2.5 seconds with #50 tools (tool-to-tool).

Maintenance-free structure
Designed to be the ultimate in safety and ease of operation. The hydraulics have been eliminated, decreasing power consumption, noise and maintenance.